Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What does “unfunded obligations” mean?

The federal treasury received funds with obligations to pay them out to the people from whom the funds were originally taken. Members of congress confiscated the funds and redistributed them to fund illegitimate unconstitutional social welfare spending, NATO driven imperialist war spending and to purchase member votes to pass unconstitutional legislation and cover up crimes by presidents and members of congress. Now, the legitimate obligations for which the funds were collected are unfunded. We failed to impeach them for it. They felt entitled to continue. The democracy delusion held us in check.

They want to increase taxes by waving a flag in front of our faces painted in the image of the rich and powerful. Is it reasonable to pretend the rich and powerful who make laws, grant favors, and rally the mob will make themselves and their financiers return the money they have stolen from us in the first place?

Moral 1:
Tyrants don’t stop confiscating until they are stopped by someone stronger than they are.

Moral 2:
The mob of the democracy won’t stop demanding more until someone stronger says no to their demands.

Moral 3:
We either strengthen ourselves to stop them and stand up to do it, or we close our eyes and keep letting them do what they’ve been doing.

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