Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where Did Our Republic Go?

Our republic has disappeared beneath socialist and imperialist illusions sold to us through our public education system, our paid media messengers, and our lack of respect for the Constitution. We the people failed to remember the rights and responsibilities of keeping our republic free. We allowed the power mongers to create crises and then we allowed them to “rescue” us from those crises by confiscating our property and treading on our rights and freedoms. We became dependent upon the resources they confiscated from ourselves and from our neighbors and redistributed to us in the form of government jobs, government pensions, government food stamps, government medical care, government housing, subsidies for the companies we worked for, rules and regulations and every form of evil intervention.

All of this government drove the private producers of wealth out of business. We are facing economic and national peril because debt is the only thing government produces and we failed to stop it from growing.

Even if we fought a bloody war against the power mongers selling the acceptance of socialist and imperialist policies, we could not win because we could not identify them. The true enemies are the lying doctrines they sell that we purchase with the commodity of our consent.

We the people were not prepared to keep the republic when the Supreme Court usurped its authority and prohibited the free exercise of our religion in our public schools. Lawlessness became the acceptable mode of government operations.

It is far better to learn how to restore power to the states and to the republic and regain control by using the terms written in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the original Bill of Rights than to wait until their unimpeded breach of authority costs us our flesh and blood.

Our forefathers had a battle cry for the revolution, “Live free or die.” We either live free, or die in secret through the arms of tyrants, invaders and usurpers, or else we die fighting to restore what we failed to hold for ourselves and for our posterity. We either live free or we die.

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