Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Makes Us a Republic?

The Constitution is the cornerstone of our republic. We are a republic because we are several states united together under the written agreement of the Constitution. Without the Constitution we would be individual states operating separately without regard for one another.

The three branches of the federal government exist only for the purpose of supporting the Constitution of these United States of America. The federal government has no authority except what is specifically granted to it by the republic through the Constitution.

The Constitution protects us against the mob rule of a democracy by limiting the authority of the people to the states in which they reside. The unrestrained nature of a national democracy lends itself to manipulation from the symbiotic power mongering of socialism and of imperialism.

Our safety as a nation relies heavily on the lawful restraints imposed upon both the majority mob and imperialist tyrants. Both empire building styles rely heavily on deceiving the governed in order to gain unlawful power. One gains unlawful power by trading in social welfare programs, the other gains unlawful power by trading in corporate war machinery. The illusion of contention hides the symbiotic nature of their united cries for more government.

It is the people of the states in the republic that must restrain the growth of government by demanding adherence to the limitations of power imposed by the Constitution. When a politician or judge defies the lawful constraints of the Constitution, they are defying the consent of the governed. We the people of the united states must stand up and protest their lack of respect for the limits of lawful authority we have granted to them. We have granted them authority for only so long as they maintain good behavior. When they usurp authority they are no longer in good behavior and are subject to impeachment.

We are a republic because the lawful power of the mob and the lawful power of the elected representatives are limited by the law of the Constitution. We are a republic because our ancestral representatives provided the Constitution for their posterity. We are a republic, only as long as we can keep it for our posterity.

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