Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Can We Do?

We can begin to work the existing system to wrest control from socialists and imperialists before they destroy what remains of our republic. We fail our representatives, ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our city, our state and our republic by not holding elected representatives accountable for upholding the lawful constraints of the Constitution.

We can stop believing the paid media messengers and start discovering the truth about the voting records of the people who are running for office.

We can stop voting for the ones chosen by those pulling the strings and start voting for those with records that uphold the Constitution as it was written.

We can learn how a free market economy operates and stop demanding government jobs, services and socially acceptable welfare programs. We can also stop government rules and regulations that result from corporate bribes. We can use our minds, hearts and actions to defeat the socially acceptable evil. We risk our safety to continue to compromise our integrity.

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