Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Victory by Refusing to Lose

George Washington didn’t lead a strong, victorious, mighty army to victory. George Washington led a rag tag bunch of colonial warriors that were just strong enough to refuse to lose. They stayed in the trenches until the other guys got involved with a bigger enemy. We may be the little people, we may be ignorant, we may be the unwashed masses, we may at times be every evil, vile name they want to call us to get us to shut up, but we don’t have to shut up. We don’t have to give up. We just have to stand up and speak, and speak, and speak, and speak, and speak, and keep speaking until we win. But before we do that, we need to know what to say that will be true. We must be speaking the truth in order for what we say to be supported by the power of our Creator. We have a need to renew our minds with the truth not just of the word of God, but the truth about our heritage as a nation.

We can send people to Washington who will honor their oath to support the Constitution or we can send more tyrants. We can demand that they impeach judges, presidents, senators, and congressional representatives who commit breech of promise against their oath of office, or we can let them keep ignoring the Constitution and passing illegal legislation. If we are going to live in freedom, we first have to learn what our rights are and what we can do to stand up for our rights.

The flag is a piece of cloth. It does not stand on its own. If we love America, it is time for us to stand for America. If the righteous will not lead, the unrighteous will. We will go the way of Germany, China, Russia, Serbia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, Mexico, etc.

It is time to remember that we are a republic that stands or falls based on the determination of good men who are willing to speak forth the word of truth about what it means to be one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

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