Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Can We Keep this Republic?

Keeping this republic depends on our individual willingness to gain the knowledge of what it takes to keep it. It is not about Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, or any other media messenger. It is about restoring the foundations of the Constitution.

It is about impeaching judges who legislate from the bench, impeaching Presidents, Senators and Congressional Representatives who usurp their Constitutional authority. It is about voting people in who are willing to get rid of the out of control legislation, executive orders, court rulings and federal regulations that infringe on our freedoms and property rights. It is about restoring freedom by standing against the tyranny of socialists, imperialists, and those that feed the illusions that deceived us into empowering the tyrants.

Keeping the republic will require that we begin to recognize the voice of the liars by comparing what they do against what the Constitution authorizes them to do. We must be wary of those who say the right words and do the wrong things. We must believe all things that are true. Saying the right words will not transform them into people we can trust. The paid media messengers will continue to preach the gospel of socialism, imperialism and class warfare. We must go back to the basics. Study the Constitution. Get involved. Keep watch over territory and keep in touch with our representatives. Let them know the dangers that are coming their way.

The Constitution governs only America, not the world. The liars will often be identified by the fact that they vote to empower world authorities to have authority over United States citizens. For instance, neither the World Trade Organization, NATO, nor the Federal Reserve Banking system are governed by the Constitution. These organizations have been elevated into power by elected officials who have represented world authorities rather than the authority of the Constitution.

The officials who did this were not impeached. We did nothing about it and let them gain power. We must deal with it or they will continue to gain power until they end up using our taxpayer funded war machinery to steal our property, kill our families and destroy our neighborhoods. All tyrants have gained their power through the consent of the governed.

If we continue to fail to uphold the authority of the Constitution, we will ultimately fail to provide safety for ourselves and for our posterity. History will show us as just another democracy that came to a violent end.

“Can we keep this republic?” is an important question. “Will we keep it?” is a more important question.

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